Meditation Retreats & Yoga Tour in India

Meditation and Yoga Tour Packages in India is meant for A kind of unique control you start feeling to get on your body when you continue practicing Yoga and meditation together. The roots of this 5,000 years old discipline have been dated back on the holy land of India. This ancient wellness discipline has been practiced and taught in the country for centuries leaving the ultimate benefits on the mental and physical state of the body through its asanas and postures. That is why many travel companies combine Yoga and meditation together in their tour packages in order to bring well-being, clarity and harmony to the existence. With meditation yoga tour packages, both your mind and body get strengthened in the optimum possible way.
During the packages, lots of treatments and yoga courses in India are provided to the travelers to help them heal their body, mind and spirit. Right from providing the spiritual enlightenment in a five-star accommodation to offering the sessions in basic dwellings - you will be able to get the packages as per your requirements and budget.

Classical Sikkim Tour Package in India
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Classical Sikkim


CLASSICAL SIKKIM Day 01: Arrive Delhi Arrive by International flight, afte...
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Yoga & Meditation Tour

10 Nights / 11 Days

DAY 01: ARRIVE DELHI Arrive in Delhi...
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  • Goa yoga retreats and golden triangle tour
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Golden Triangle & Goa


Goa’s beach fun is relaxing. Watersports on and...

Best Sightseeing Places to Visit During Yoga and Meditation Tour:
Lots of people from India and abroad today prefer to avail of the benefits of meditation and yoga tour packages. No matter whether you are looking for a guru who can help you show the path of salvation or just want a really good stretch - We at Deejohn Holidays India Tours make sure that you will get what you actually wanted. Set yourself to enjoy a life changing experience with the packages through which you will witness various enchanting locations like Rishikesh, Uttarkashi and Haridwar that are commonly visited by the tourists to relieve their mind and souls through a few sessions of yoga and meditation. During the packages, you will also be visited several temples and ashrams that are popular for seeking enlightenment and peace.
A right kind of planning and suggestion is always required to make your yoga and meditation trip successful. It is our pleasure to help the visitors to get the best yoga and meditation trip at very reasonable prices. Let our experts help you to experience the magic of this discipline and reduce your stress for a fulfilling and healthier life!

Best Time to Enjoy Yoga and Meditation Trip:
Destinations popular for having Yoga and Meditation are generally visited throughout the year. Although a huge crowd seeking for peace and spirituality is seen during March-July at the places like rishikesh and haridwar.

How to Reach Yoga and Meditation Destinations:
Tourists can reach various destinations popular for yoga and meditation in India by air, trains and buses. Travelers can also book private taxis and buses to visit different temples and other places visited with a purpose to relax the both body and mind.

What We Offer:
With Deejohn Holidays India Tours, you are rest assured of experience a desired yoga and meditation tour package at the prices you can easily afford. Yoga & Meditation Tour and Golden Triangle with Goa Beaches are some of our widely popular packages. Choose any of our trips and be ready to get lost in the captivation places of India. We strive hard to provide you with the optimum possible tour itineraries combining the widely preferred Golden Triangle and Rishikesh - the world capital of Yoga. We arrange everything for you right from making a proper arrangement for your stay to the proper transportation.